Payroll Specialist

Become a Payroll Specialist

Combine Accounting and Human Resources Skills

Payroll Specialists are usually part of the company's finance team and are responsible for the accurate and timely delivery of employee paychecks. Accuracy is essential since wages directly impact individuals' ability to pay for rent, daycare, or groceries. Unlike other finance positions, Payroll Specialists have more interaction with co-workers and need an empathetic, clear communication style to deal with the sensitive topic of money.

The Payroll Specialist program from The Accounting Academy equips you with the skills you need to succeed. You’ll gain hands-on experience with the technology and software that companies use to manage payroll, and you’ll learn techniques for effective teamwork.

With solid math skills, the ability to handle multiple detailed tasks, and an interest in helping teammates with payroll, your investment in the payroll specialist program will be rewarding.

A few details about the course content:

Payroll Specialist Skills You’ll Learn

  • Check timesheets for accuracy
  • Enter data into payroll databases and spreadsheets
  • Collect bank information for co-worker direct deposit requests
  • Prepare and submit paper payroll checks
  • Obtain signatures needed for payroll distribution
  • Knowledge of tax regulations for salaries and benefits
  • Process wage garnishments
  • Adjust pay for raises, bonuses, and commission
  • Maintain and report payroll records
  • Use payroll software to manage payments and reconcile the business ledger
  • Respond to coworkers' questions and concerns about payroll
Payroll Specialist

What to Expect at The Accounting Academy


18 weeks/324 hours total


Mornings: 8:30am to 2:30pm Tuesday-Thursday
Evenings: 5pm to 9:30pm Monday – Thursday


Onsite Instructor-Led Instruction

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