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Every company has bills to pay, from utilities and rent expenses to the cost of all the supplies needed to do business. An Accounts Payable Specialist ensures money goes out efficiently, and on time, to keep the organization in good financial standing.

However, an Accounts Payable Specialist does more than pay the bills. The role is essential to maintaining positive vendor relationships, managing sales tax payments, and reporting performance to the company leaders.

The Accounting Academy program for Accounts Payable Specialists prepares you to add value from your first day on the job. You'll learn to track budgets, monitor vendor agreements and contracts, and confirm that all payments are processed correctly.

If you have a passion for managing details, staying organized, and enjoy interacting with various internal and external teams, an Accounts Payable Specialist role can help launch your accounting career.

A few details about the course content:

Accounts Payable Skills You’ll Learn

  • Maintaining petty cash
  • Recording outgoing disbursements
  • Paying bills accurately and on time, following company procedures
  • Establishing and managing vendor payment agreements
  • Paying sales taxes on relevant invoices
  • Identifying discrepancies in payments
  • Reconciling payable reports to confirm payment accuracy
  • Tracking payments and applying them appropriately to vendors
  • Using accounting software to manage accounts payable

What to Expect at The Accounting Academy


16 weeks/288 hours total


Mornings: 8:30am to 2:30pm Tuesday-Thursday
Evenings: 5pm to 9:30pm Monday – Thursday


Onsite Instructor-Led Instruction

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