How to Attend The Accounting Academy


Take the First Step Toward a Rewarding Career

You can apply to The Accounting Academy without any prerequisite courses or training. A thirst for learning and the ambition to jumpstart a rewarding career is what we look for in our students.

Our programs support students who want an entry-level role, those making a career transition, and individuals who want to start a small business in accounting or bookkeeping.

Enrolling in our programs is easy. Your admission to The Accounting Academy involves completing a few simple steps:

  • Take and score a minimum of 75 percent on an entrance exam that assesses basic math, grammar, and spelling skills as well as your general learning abilities.
  • Answer a technology survey that determines your general knowledge of computer concepts and skills with commonly used software like Microsoft Excel or PowerPoint.
  • Meet with the Director of Education at The Accounting Academy for a pre-enrollment interview. Our conversation will explore your interest in the program, your career goals, and the alignment of your skills with accounting or administrative professions. We'll also take time to answer your questions about our curriculum and our expectations of you as an enrolled student.

If you need support with tuition, we’ll connect you with resources that offer financial assistance.

Start Charting Your Career Path

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