Our Mission, Goals and Objectives


Mission Statement

The Accounting Academy's mission is to prepare students for entry-level employment full-time, part-time, temporary agency placement, self- employment, and/or to enhance current job skills in accounting and bookkeeping and related fields by providing a hands-on, real-world and practical education and training program in a positive, professional, and supportive environment.

Goals and Objectives

  • To provide a program of study and training that is educationally sound, current, high quality and real-world effective.

  • To maintain a clear and consistent admissions process that accurately represents the program and the institution while producing sufficient enrollments to sustain and maintain the program.

  • To provide effective student services that recognize individual differences and to ensure successful student retention, graduation, and employability where applicable.

  • To establish and maintain employer relationships to ensure industry contacts necessary for student success.

  • To demonstrate the effectiveness of private educational training, thereby providing essential skills to support a productive workforce.

  • To ensure proper and ethical administration of all operational and financial aspects of the institution.