Course Code AA08
Protective Security Driving 


The Protective Security Driving course is the most comprehensive program of its kind and provides an extreme hands-on driving experience. Students will learn to drive on asphalt, unimproved road, and off-road environments.

The course is conducted on a closed 1.2-mile track with cut-outs, and cross roads to provide students with realistic driving conditions. After 2 days of vehicle dynamics, skid control, steering, braking, accident avoidance, safety and vehicle control drills designed to teach students to dominate a variety of vehicles safely, we move into Protective Security driving, Motorcade formations, immediate actions and contact drills until the final day of testing. Our driving instructors come from diverse backgrounds from on and off-road racing to military and government protective services driving instruction backgrounds. 


Learning Outcomes

This course is designed to introduce entry level and experienced law enforcement, government, and security personnel, how to safely move their vehicle, passengers, and cargo in extreme conditions safely. Some key learning points include:

  • Demonstrate skid recovery and off-road recovery drills

  • Analyze under-steer and over-steer scenarios and correct with appropriate action

  • Apply motorcade theory on the track in 2 or 3 vehicle formations

  • Appropriately react to a variety of emergencies

  • Recover immobilized, or stuck, vehicles, in sand, mud, and other hazards

  • Perform preventative and emergency maintenance on sedans and SUVs


The course consists of lecture, instructor-led discussion, demonstration, and hands-on application. All skills training is taught to standard not to a set time. Approximately 1 hour of homework will be required each evening from coursework on a preloaded tablet supplied by the school, with 8-key topics and 15 sub-topics. Each homework session will be discussed the following day, prior to skills demonstration and the hands-on portion of the training.



  60-Hour/7-Day Program

  Fees & Charges:

  Registration Fee              $  50

  Tuition                           $7,250

  Total Program Cost       $7,300