Course Code AA05 
Corporate and Celebrity Protection



  68-Hour/8-Day Program

  Fees & Charges:

  Registration Fee              $  50

  Tuition                           $3,250

  Total Program Cost       $3,300  


The Corporate & Celebrity Protection course covers the day-to-day job duties of an Protective Services agent, and includes mission planning, threat & risk assessment, route mapping, daily activity reporting, after action reports, expense tracking, basics of moving with a client, three different types of protective advances, in and out of vehicles, restaurants, office spaces, public events, entertainment venues, handshake lines, autograph signings, & stage work.

The course finishes off with a full protective services mission where course participants will conduct a detail that is difficult to discern from an actual protective detail. Tracking your principal’s flight, pick-ups at an International Airport and working your client through multiple venues and back to the hotel where you will work your principal in shifts. Instructors for this module are currently working in the corporate and celebrity protective industry, domestically and abroad. 


Learning Outcomes:

This course is designed to introduce entry level and experienced law enforcement, government, and security personnel, the nuances of corporate and celebrity protection. Some key learning outcomes include:

  • Demonstrate proper client interaction and professional protocol

  • Analyze threats and risks, while developing appropriate contingencies

  • Prepare protective mission plans and route mapping

  • Explain the protective process from A to Z

  • Prepare after-mission documentation and expense reporting

  • Demonstrate and explain the protective advance process

The course consists of lecture, instructor-led discussion, demonstration, and hands-on application. All skills training is taught to standard, not to a set time. Approximately 1 hour of homework will be required each evening from coursework provided by ABC instructors. Each homework session will be discussed and quizzed the following morning, prior to the day’s new lessons.