Course AA04
Enrolled Agent
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  324-Hour/4-Month Program

  Mon-Thur/4.5 Hour Sessions

  Fees & Charges:

  Registration Fee              $100

  Supplies & Materials        $400

  Tuition                           $6,000

  Total Program Cost       $6,500  

Course Overview

The Enrolled Agent training program and related study materials are designed to prepare students to pass the Internal Revenue Services’ Special Enrollment Examination (SEE). After successfully completing the course, students will have the tax knowledge needed to pass this comprehensive three-part exam entitling them to practice income tax preparation as an Enrolled Agent (EA) and represent clients before the IRS.


Learning Outcomes

The curriculum and material is covered at an intermediate level. It is helpful if the student has had some beginning level courses relating to accounting and taxes, however, it is not a prerequisite. Students will be learn tax law from manuals and study cards, and exercising their understanding with test questions from previous years' exams, in addition to questions that are similar to questions on the exam. The questions are all multiple choice (no true/false). All of the questions and study material have been updated to include new tax legislation.

Training Materials and Method

This is an online training program with an Enrolled Agent instructor. The program utilizes materials produced by Surgent, a leader for over 30 years in continuing professional education (CPE) for CPAs and other financial professionals.